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 CENTERED ~ Me and my Psoas
A workshop for asymmetries, imbalances, and scoliosis – April 21st from 10am-5pm.
The illiopsoas is not merely a muscle but a primal messenger deep within the core of our being. This potent tissue is guardian of the Hara, or “seat of enlightenment”, expressing our integrity on many levels. When we attune to this dynamic energy center, psoas becomes a readily available source of inner power. 

Together we’ll explore this mysterious body tissue and its influence on many aspects of our lives. A healthy, supple and dynamic psoas supports a full body responsiveness and brings us into greater balance and alignment. It has an intimate relationship to our personal imbalances, asymmetries and scoliosis. 

$135 early bird $110 until April 4.

Join Bella & Kim for a practice of deep release, breath and inner body awareness, core stability, asana and artistic expression all revolving around and coming from our vibrant and alive center.

Go to http://www.bodyjoy.net/event/centered-me-and-my-psoas/ to sign up, and for more information.

Yoga For Scoliosis Support & Community Practices – Quarterly

Inviting our yoga community with scoliosis to come together in practice and support at It’s EPIC Revolution located at 650 Howe Ave Building 500 Suite 530 in Sacramento.

These 2.5-hour classes for yoga practitioners with scoliosis are designed to support those who want to deepen their awareness and understanding of their bodies and refine the practice to meet their specific and unique needs.

We’ll explore a variety of yoga postures and breath awareness that will support greater alignment and more physical ease in the body with scoliosis. Practitioners will also learn modifications to commonly practiced yoga poses that can limit rather than intensify the conditions of scoliosis. 

Sign up for the Sunday practice in April NOW at kcwagaman@gmail.com

Cost $25 per class.  Sundays from 1-3:30pm.

*Sunday April 28th 1-3:30

*Sunday July 29th 1-3:30pm



Greet the day in the practice of kindness and presence, together.

*Weekly Wednesday morning classes from 9-10:30am at EPIC. Classes are for adults with some yoga experience.

Please contact me if you’re interested in joining the class, there is limited space. kcwagaman@gmail.com or 916-534-2721

If you are new to yoga, check out these introductory/beginners series…   

The Yoga Solution Intro Series & Yoga with Madeleine Lohman & Hatha Yoga Basics at It’s All Yoga

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