Scoliosis Resources

For those of you in need of resources, here are some links to support I’ve found helpful over the years.

One of my teachers, Elise Browning Miller has been teaching yoga for people with scoliosis for over 25 years.

She has a spiral bound notebook with photos and explanations of yoga poses for scoliosis, and yoga DVD. (this link will take you to her on-line bookstore).

Her website is

Are you looking for Yoga for Scoliosis Teachers near you?  Click the link to explore.

Dr. Gary A. Deutchman, Scoliosis Systems

Visit Dr. Deutchman’s website, to learn more about research & education for non-surgical treatment of scoliosis.

Visit Liz Koch’s website at Liz is a Physical Therapist who focuses on a particular muscle group (the illio-psoas muscle) and it’s relation to scoliosis.  She also has an on-line bookstore where she has an audio cd – Unraveling Scoliosis along with other wonderful publications on the psoas.

Check out what happening in Brisbane, Australia with Narelle Carter-Quinland at

National Scoliosis Foundation at


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