Yoga for Scoliosis Support & Community Practice – Sunday July 24th

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Inviting those in our yoga community with scoliosis in interested in scoliosis to come together in practice and support this Sunday from 1-4pm at It’s All Yoga Studio in midtown Sacramento.

These 3-hour workshop classes for yoga practitioners with scoliosis are designed to support those who want to deepen their awareness and understanding of their bodies and refine the practice to meet their specific and unique needs.

We’ll explore breath awareness, gentle and deep release work –
influenced by myso-fascial release and qi-gong, as well as a variety of
yoga postures that will support greater alignment and more physical ease in
the body with scoliosis. Practitioners will also learn modifications to
commonly practiced yoga poses that can limit rather than intensify the
conditions of scoliosis.

Sign up for the Sunday practice in JULY NOW at

Cost is $25.

I look forward to being in the practice of self-care with you!


Yoga For Scoliosis Workshop – Two Back to Back Saturday Series

If you or someone you know has scoliosis (a curvature and/or twisting of the spinal column), do consider this special 2 week back-to-back workshop series November 3rd & 10th from 1-4pm.  During these two Saturday sessions, we’ll explore a variety of yoga postures as well as breath awareness that support greater alignment and more physical ease in the body with scoliosis.

Practitioners also learn helpful modifications to yoga poses that support the needs of one’s unique body, and can limit, rather than intensify the condition of scoliosis within the yoga practice.

Come if you’re new to the practice or well seasoned, and embrace your beautifully imperfect self.

November 3rd & 10th from 1-4pm at It’s All Yoga Studio in midtown on 21st Street between Broadway and X Street.

Cost $95

Register on-line at, or call at 916- 501-4692.


A Spacious Choice

The New Year is a time we often use to very consciously choose. We find ourselves setting goals, we inquire and reach into our dreams; we create!  Life is such a vast array of choice and creation, what are you choosing this year?

For me, within the myriad of choices, lies my commitment the deep communion that is my yoga practice. On the mat.  Entering asana. Entering myself. Feeling my body.  My breath. Opening, freeing limbs and spine.  Movement. Awareness.  Alive!

Will you join me in this?

This Sunday the 15th from 1-4pm at It’s All Yoga Studio we’ll be exploring a quality of spaciousness in body, heart, and mind.  Creating space around our experiences frees us to choose outside of our quick reactions – we practice welcoming what is, even when it’s hard, uncomfortable, tight – we stay with it, a vulnerable and uncertain place, no doubt, but powerful in its capacity to shape the way we relate to our experience.  In practice this weekend we’ll be inside the places that the body with scoliosis experiences as compression, tension and density; and we’ll bring to it breath, attention, patience and kindness.  We’ll elicit the creative use of props and anatomical imagery to lengthen, strengthen, de-rotate, and align.  The cost of this workshop is $45.  I do hope to see you there!

Sign up at on the “workshops” page or call 916-501-4692.

(special thanks to Narelle Carter-Quinlan for adaptations from her Newsletter)