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Kim Wagaman’s Yoga Quest

Yoga for Health, Yoga for Healing, Yoga for Life

Sacramento, CA

It is from a place of sincere gratitude for the awakening, awareness, and healing that yoga brings to my life, that a yearning to share the wonders of yoga with others has risen.  I have been practicing yoga since 1999 and began teaching yoga in 2006.  My yoga roots are in the Iyengar tradition and have spread over the years to include a variety of practice methodologies and ideas.

It is my desire and emphasis in teaching to offer the potential for self-healing with yoga, through a greater awareness of the body mind continuum, and one’s own felt experience.  My teaching also emphasizes the cultivation of breath awareness for relaxation, pain, and anxiety management.  In asana practice there is a focus on releasing tightened and overtaxed muscles, and strengthening weakened muscle groups.  I enjoy cultivating a more subtle and focused exploration of the body’s vastness and in doing so encourage a concentration that can ready the mind for contemplation and meditation.

My own limitations with a severe scoliosis have shaped and influenced my practice and teaching significantly and I continue to explore and discover the transformative and healing qualities yoga can offer.
Kim laugh
I am a 500 hour RYT and have participated in Elise Miller’s Yoga for Scoliosis teacher training. I teach regular classes, Yoga for Scoliosis Workshops, Yoga for Scoliosis series classes, and private one on one sessions.

If you are interested in discovering the joy in the journey of yoga, please contact me and let the quest begin!

Kim Wagaman



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  1. The Zany Housewife
    Apr 28, 2011 @ 22:10:54

    I just recently took up yoga and it has helped me immensely with stress, anxiety and even weight loss. Love your page Kim. Good to see that smiling face again…even if only online. 🙂


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