Yoga For Scoliosis Support & Community Practice – Sunday Feb 10th 1-3:30pm

together hands

Inviting our yoga community with scoliosis to come together in practice and support Sunday Feb 10th from 1-3:30pm at EPIC located at 650 Howe Ave Building 500 Suite 530 in Sacramento.


This 2.5-hour class for yoga practitioners (you must have previous yoga experience) is designed to support those who want to deepen their awareness and understanding of their own unique body, and refine the practice to meet specific needs related to scoliosis.

We’ll explore a variety of yoga postures and breath awareness that will support greater alignment and physical ease in the body with scoliosis. Practitioners will also learn modifications to commonly practiced yoga poses that can limit rather than intensify the conditions of scoliosis. 

Please register in advance for the practice on Sunday February 10th at or call 916-534-2721.

Cost $25 per class.  Sunday February 10th from 1-3:30pm.




Centered Workshop – personal refections

I wanted to share some from a personal place –  with the intention of encouraging your consideration of an upcoming workshop I’m very excited to share – “Centered” with Bella and I.  And truthfully, to share my thoughts about these things, and simply have your consideration of my perspective and experience – is a privilege, and also feels exciting.

My personal body mind practice has for many years focused on exploring and experiencing a concept of my own dynamic center, as physical place in my being, as well as a spiritual metaphor.

With adolescent onset scoliosis, and unsuccessful bracing through my teen years, I set out in young adulthood on an alternative path to western medicine’s answer of spinal fusion for my mal-formed spine. I kept asking questions about my own possibilities for greater ease, strength, fluidity, and alignment in this body I have.  How?  Who? Where? What?  And yes, why? Questions are part of questing.

I found fields of mindfulness and/or self-awareness through various practices and perspectives, and continue to learn so much more about curiosity, kindness, and compassion. Especially as I’ve beheld my shadow; the dark, crooked and twisted aspects of my being – all of the ways I am fully human.

It is inevitably painful to see ourselves more clearly, to keep looking, and to hold the truth of us, requires a genuine acceptance (which happens as we practice it all the more). And it’s most certainly a lifelong journey, much more than any arriving.

Self-awareness is what’s happening right now, seeing ourselves again and again and again, when we pause, when we pull away from the periphery, breathe, and connect with who in us is witnessing all of the other happenings that are happening throughout our being and around us.  Observations can be simple, or unfolding in multi-layers of our being.

The paradoxical theory of change is the premise that people change by becoming more fully themselves – not by trying to make themselves be something or someone they are not: ‘Change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not’ (Beisser, 1970).

We can connect with center as a physical place in our body to physically align ourselves from.  It’s also a place to compassionately witness ourselves and our humanness as a deep inward experience that ushers transformative change.

My friend and colleague Bella, who travels these paths along with me, for her own unique, and also similar motivations (scoliosis too) is an incredible teacher and healer.  Our planning sessions for this workshop have been deeply nourishing for the both of us.  We both bring a great deal of passion for this subject to the table, and we’re excited to share it with our community.   You might think a workshop from 10-4pm is far too long for yoga, but this experience is so much more than yoga asana.  We’ll enjoy deep release with rollers and balls, subtle core/center exploration, discussion and conversation, breath awareness, asana, and art.  Our intention is for everyone to come away feeling more deeply connected to self, hydrated, nourished, and encouraged.  When we work with our center and our deepest muscular tissue, it produces results as these, and so much more.  Let me know if you’ve any questions or concerns, and thanks for taking some time to read and consider center, and our practice Saturday April 21st.  We’ve a few spots left.

For more details and to sign up go here: