If I Were


There are lots of ways to dance and
to spin, sometimes it just starts my
feet first then my entire body, I am
spinning no one can see it but it is
happening. I am so glad to be alive,
I am so glad to be loving and loved.
Even if I were close to the finish,
even if I were at my final breath, I
would be here to take a stand, bereft
of such astonishments, but for them.

If I were a Sufi for sure I would be
one of the spinning kind.

Mary Oliver


Centered ~ Me and my Psoas ~ A day-long workshop for asymmetries, imbalances, & scoliosis APRIL 21st 10-5pm

centered psoas

Psoas is not merely a muscle but a primal messenger deep within the core of our being. This potent tissue is guardian of the Hara, or “seat of enlightenment”, expressing our integrity on many levels. When we attune to this dynamic energy center, psoas becomes a readily available source of inner power.

Together we’ll explore this mysterious body tissue and its influence on many aspects of our lives. A healthy, supple and dynamic psoas supports a full body responsiveness and brings us into greater balance and alignment. It has an intimate relationship to our personal imbalances, asymmetries and scoliosis.

Join Bella & Kim for a practice of deep release, breath and inner body awareness, core stability, asana and artistic expression all revolving around and coming from our vibrant and alive center.

$135 early bird $110 until April 4. For more information or to sign up go to http://www.bodyjoy.net/event/centered-me-and-my-psoas/

Bella Dreizler is a physical therapist who loves guiding and journeying with patients thru the many ups and downs that accompany healing. She draws on four plus decades of clinical practice and plenty of personal physical challenges over the years. She also facilitates 5Rhythms & yoga, bringing body wisdom infused with heart and soul wherever it is needed.

Kim Wagaman loves yoga and has experienced immense healing in her own body with scoliosis because of it. She’s a 500-hr registered yoga teacher specializing in scoliosis for over a decade. Kim also provides group relational play therapy in the neuro-diverse community. A lover of the natural world, she’s outside as often as possible.