Sunday Oct. 30th 1-4pm: Yoga For Scoliosis ~ Support & Community Practice at It’s All Yoga!


Inviting our yoga community with scoliosis to come together in practice and support at It’s All Yoga Studio located at 2405 21st street in Sacramento.

These 3-hour classes for yoga practitioners with scoliosis are designed to support those who want to deepen their awareness and understanding of their bodies and refine the practice to meet their specific and unique needs.

We’ll explore a variety of yoga postures and breath awareness that will support greater alignment and more physical ease in the body with scoliosis. Practitioners will also learn modifications to commonly practiced yoga poses that can limit rather than intensify the conditions of scoliosis.

The theme of this months practice is “grounding through Autumn.”  We’ll look at our experience of this season through the lens of nature and explore creating a sense of groundedness and inner balance through standing poses and intentionally slowing down.

Sign up for the practice tomorrow now at

Drop in’s are also welcome.

Previous yoga experience requested.

Cost $25 per class. Sundays from 1-4pm.


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