Our Jeopardy

It is good to use
best china
treasured dishes
the most genuine goblets
or the oldest lace tablecloth
there is a risk of course
every time we use anything
or anyone shares an inmost
mood or moment
or a fragile cup of revelation
but not to touch
not to handle
not to employ the available
artifacts of being
a human being
that is the quiet crash
the deadly catastrophe
where nothing
is enjoyed or broken
or spoken or spilled
or stained or mended
where nothing is ever
pored over
laughed over
wept over
or found.

~ John Thomas Carlisle


What if…

“What if our religion was each other,
if our practice was our life, if prayer our words?
What if the temple was the Earth, if forests were our
church, if holy waters ~ the rivers, lakes and oceans.
What if meditation was our relationships,
if the teacher was life, if wisdom was self-knowledge,
if love was the center of our being?
Ganga White

A Spacious Choice

The New Year is a time we often use to very consciously choose. We find ourselves setting goals, we inquire and reach into our dreams; we create!  Life is such a vast array of choice and creation, what are you choosing this year?

For me, within the myriad of choices, lies my commitment the deep communion that is my yoga practice. On the mat.  Entering asana. Entering myself. Feeling my body.  My breath. Opening, freeing limbs and spine.  Movement. Awareness.  Alive!

Will you join me in this?

This Sunday the 15th from 1-4pm at It’s All Yoga Studio we’ll be exploring a quality of spaciousness in body, heart, and mind.  Creating space around our experiences frees us to choose outside of our quick reactions – we practice welcoming what is, even when it’s hard, uncomfortable, tight – we stay with it, a vulnerable and uncertain place, no doubt, but powerful in its capacity to shape the way we relate to our experience.  In practice this weekend we’ll be inside the places that the body with scoliosis experiences as compression, tension and density; and we’ll bring to it breath, attention, patience and kindness.  We’ll elicit the creative use of props and anatomical imagery to lengthen, strengthen, de-rotate, and align.  The cost of this workshop is $45.  I do hope to see you there!

Sign up at http://www.itsallyoga.com on the “workshops” page or call 916-501-4692.

(special thanks to Narelle Carter-Quinlan for adaptations from her Newsletter)